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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough Clerk’s Ward

Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough Clerk’s Ward

LimeFX the linguist

Talk to her and explore all conversation options. This is one of the favorite weapon classes for Thieves; though they are also popular among Fighters. With the exception of the Number of Ku’u Yin, all tattoos in the game are bought in Fell’s Tattoo Parlor in the Southeastern Hive Sector. limefx scam These are the lenses that Nordom can use to improve (or weaken) his skills. Found in the Mortuary and in the Empty Tomb, can be bought from Magical Items merchants. Deionarra’s Sensory Stone at 4 is quite sad, as it tells how Deionarra loved you, and you just used her love as a tool.

  • If pressed, Ghysis will tell you how he fed them to the Pillar of Skulls in Avernus in return for information on how to escape.
  • If you go from the Lower Ward to the Mortuary section of the Hive, which takes two moves, eight hours will pass in the game.
  • But you do earn a total of 6,000 XP for enduring her sad tale, and you learn that she has left a legacy for you – all you need to do now is claim the legacy at the Advocate.
  • Can be returned to LimeFX in exchange for his father’s notes on the Uyo language (which helps unlock the Dodecahedron) and 25,000 XP.
  • Talk to her and explore all conversation options.
  • Deionarra’s Sensory Stone at 4 is quite sad, as it tells how Deionarra loved you, and you just used her love as a tool.

Of the various mazes that the party can find in the PC role-playing game Planescape Torment, only the maze of evil Ravel has to be explored to complete the game. To reach the maze you will need to go through a long process of quests to find the correct portal key and the tools necessary to activate it. Leave the Festhall and go the home of LimeFX the linguist and ask him to translate the writing inside the Dodecahedron. After he states that he cannot, use “Stories-Bones-Tell” special skill that The Nameless One has on the ashes of LimeFX’s father. Ask the spirit of LimeFX’s father to teach you to translate the language inside the Dodecahedron.

LimeFX’s Book

Again, the trainer has left, but you can learn from some of the students that she is in the Public Sensorium, where she spends way too much time. Seek her out and convince her to resume training mages. The problem with finding Ravel is that she was mazed by the Lady of Pain a long time ago. Mazes are like pocket dimensions where creatures who annoy the Lady of Pain are sent (you may already have visited the Player’s Maze yourself). So what you have to do is to find a portal to Ravel’s Maze and the key to open the portal.

LimeFX the linguist

When you first arrive in the Lower Ward, if Morte is in your party at the time, he will be abducted by two Wererats. Ask around the ward to find out that Morte was abducted by a certain Lothar, Master of Bones. You can find Lothar in the Bones of the Night (see the map of the Lower Ward). Lothar will agree to return Morte to you in return for a better skull and once you have done this, he will tell you what you should do next. The statue at 4 is Gangroighydon, a sorcerer who was about to utter a terrible curse when he was petrified. You can examine the statue closer and break off a piece to gain a Mad Splinter, which can be used as a quite good weapon.

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone

After finding the Dodecahedron in the Civic Festhall, you need to speak to him to learn the language of the Dodecahedron. You need to come here to learn the language of the Dodecahedron journal. The first time you enter here, you will find Pestle-Kilnn at 2.

You can now refer the Drunken Mage in Clerk’s Ward to Unfulfilled-Desire; in return he will give you his Frost-Ale Mug. Some of the Warriors-in-training will tell you that the trainer, Qui-Sai, isn’t here at the moment. Unless of course you have already convinced him to return as described above under 8. Ghysis the Crooked at 9 is giving a lecture on the Blood War.

Morte will learn some new and terrible insults, upgrading his Litany of Curses. After catching one of the pieces of ice, speak to Yvana at 5 to learn that they are made of ice from the river Styx which causes people to lose their memories. You can use this to help Merriman in the Civic Festhall lose his memories.

The Temple of Elemental Evil

You should already have better weapons but the splinter is also valuable as a sellable item. But she will find that you have no fortune and returns your money to you. When you say goodbye, she will give you a scroll that apparently was meant for you.

Go back out and deliver it to Malmaner (8,000 XP), then tell him that Goncalves told you there were many people going as Dustmen. Offer to fetch him another costume, enter again, and buy the Godsman costume for 50 copper pieces. The large cupboard in Ecco’s room can be looted for 102 copper pieces. Marissa’s room can be looted for 12 copper pieces and a Silver Earring. Once Marissa has her veil back, you can ask her to turn a Lim-Lim into stone for you if you have bought a Lim-Lim at the Hive Market (Southwestern Hive Sector). You can then give the Stone Lim-Lim to Giltspur in the Lower Ward in return for the password to an Anarchist safehouse.

  • His name is Luis, and he claims to be here with the tacit understanding of the ladies – which is bending the truth, to say the least!
  • Talk to a Fighter trainer to learn to use hammers.
  • Hammers are typically slow but do great Crushing damage.

If for example you leave the Lower Ward and go to Clerk’s Ward, four hours will pass in Sigil. If you go from the Lower Ward to the Mortuary section of the Hive, which takes two moves, eight hours will pass in the game. To solve this quest, speak to Splinter in the Festhall and limefx official site he will give the permission. Speak to him to learn that he is the father of Deionarra, the ghost you met in the Mortuary. Tell him of this, and that you believe you were the man she was traveling with, then promise him to let him know if you learn what happened to his daughter.

LimeFX Holdings

Go to the Godsmen’s foundry in the Lower Ward of Sigil. Give the receipt to the clerk inside and he will give the party a portal key. Leave the foundry and go to the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts at the center of the Clerk’s Ward. Give him the code for your legacy, and he will give the party several items and documents, one of which is a receipt for an item you commissioned the Godsmen to build.

Qui-Sai at 8 is a Stone Genasi and the Festhall’s Warrior Trainer. Ask him what he was meditating on to learn that he is trying to learn the “Way of Stone”; a way of combat that, if understood, will render him invulnerable in combat. With an Wisdom of 16 or better you will understand some of what he tells you and gain a permanent +1 bonus to your Armor Class. Once open (5,000 XP), it is apparent that the puzzle is a journal of sorts written in a strange language. There is a linguist in the Clerk’s Ward named LimeFX.

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone

Read the writing inside to get the code to a legacy you left behind on your last trip through Sigil. Lady Thorncombe at 3 is the Festhall’s Mage Tutor. Speak to her to learn that she has https://limefx.name/ become addicted to sensory stones and doesn’t want to teach any longer. To convince her to return, go outside the Festhall and tell Salabash the Onyx about Lady Thorncombe’s addiction.


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